Privacy Policy

This policy covers the way Xoomovies gathers data, how it uses it as well as implements everything that has been gathered from the users of the site. All services, features, and products of the site and the website itself fall under the privacy policy.

Personal Details for Identification

There are multiple ways that we use to gather details connected to your personal identification. These are connected to the options, services or all the resources that are offered on Xoomovies' website. There's also a possibility for people to come to the site without identifying themselves. We'll only gather personal data about the identification if the users give them to us at their own will. They aren't obligated to share their details, but that may stop them from using specific parts of the site.

Non-Personal Details for Identification

While people are engaging with our website, we may gather non-personal details connected to the identification. These usually consist of the name of the browser, the technical requirements for accessing Xoomovies like the providers of Internet and the operating system as well as the device you're using and other such details.

Information for Registering

Everyone who wants to create an account on our site and register to use our services should finish the whole registering procedure. You should write your full name and surname, residing address, operating email address and all other details required for finishing the procedure. Only members, who are more than 18 years old can sign up, so you should state that, too. The security of your password and all uploads to and from your account are entirely your responsibility. You aren't allowed to upload any viruses or other damaging content including codes for destroying. All details collected by us or shared by you falls under this privacy policy.

Cookies from the Browsers

Cookies may be used in order to improve the overall experience of the users on the site. The browser that is used puts cookies on the users' hard drive. These are for keeping records or for tracking details connected to the users. But people may configure their browser and prevent cookies or turn on notifications so that they know when cookies are added to their device. In this case, though, some options and features on Xoomovies may become unavailable or not operate properly.

Usage of the Gathered Information

Xoomovies may gather and use the details and information of the users for:

  • Making the customer service better - the details you give us enables us to answer your requests and give you the needed support more effectively.
  • Making the experience of the users more personal - the gathered information may be used for discovering the ways people participate in the offered services and site's parts as a group.
  • Enhancing the site's performance - the feedback you provide may be used for making the services and products better.

Keeping Your Details Secure

Measures, procedures, and practices connected to ensuring the security of your data are a part of our policy. They include ones for gathering the information, storing and processing them. That way the details you share such as your username, password, details about your transactions and data uploaded to our site are kept safe from destroying, accessing without proper authorization, altering and disclosing.

Personal Details’ Distribution

Your personal details aren’t subjects to selling, trading or renting to other users. We may share and distribute the demographic details that are generically obtained and aren’t connected anyhow to the information for personal identification.

Third Party Sites

Our site may feature content that’s a part of the advertising strategy or another strategy of the sites of our suppliers, advertisers, partners, licensors, sponsors and similar third parties. We have no power over the content uploaded on these sites and hold no responsibility for the practices of the websites that we link to and from. The services, features, links and content of these websites, though, can change regularly. Also, they may own policies about the privacy and customer service, too. Any action or engagement on sites other than ours, including the ones we link to and from, is a subject to their own policies.


You may see some ads while experiencing the site. They’re presented to the users by our partnering websites, who may place cookies. The cookies’ main purpose is to help the advertising server mark your device every time they share an ad with you in order to collect details about non-personal identification about you or the other people operating through your device. These details enable the websites to send you advertisements that are targeting you and that they think will be in accordance with your preferences. This privacy policy doesn’t take into consideration the implementation of cookies by the advertisers.

Adjustments to the Policy

Xoomovies obtains the right to modify this privacy policy whenever we like. We will adjust the date when we do so. Users are completely encouraged to visit our site from time to time and see whether any adjustments have been made and stay updated on what we do about the protection of your personal details that we gather. You accept and understand that it’s your duty to look at this privacy policy occasionally and inform yourself on the possible changes.

Agreeing to the Terms

You agree to and accept this policy and the terms by accessing and making use of the site. Please don’t visit our site if you don’t plan on agreeing to this. If you keep on using the site after the adjustments of this policy, it’ll be assumed that you agree with everything stated here.


Any doubts or questions concerning this privacy policy, the site’s practices and your actions on it can be discussed with us. Just contact us through the contact form on our page.

The last update of this document was made on 10.06.2017