Legal Disclosure

Terms & Condition

Below are the terms and conditions which apply to the usage of this website. Everyone who wants to access the website and all of its features is required to read all of the terms and conditions. You fully agree to oblige them while participating or anyhow using the website or any of its parts. Not agreeing to the terms and conditions prohibits you from coming to the site or accessing its content and features.

Additions to the Terms and Conditions

Occasionally, some changes may be made to the terms and conditions without informing you about that. Before you start using the features of our site make sure you check this agreement out as the content with the latest additions and changes is always displayed on the site.

Using the Website's Features

Xoomovies doesn't prohibit any offers, advertising, selling or online shopping and bidding. What we don't allow is doing one of the following things: 1) accessing and using our features and options without being able to make contracts with a legal obligation, without being at least 18 years old or being banned from our site, 2) adding stuff to the wrong place or category on our site, 3) gathering our users' personal data, 4) getting in the way of listings of other people or messing with the prices of the offered items, 5) putting content that's misguiding, irrelevant, untrue or unlawful, 6) damaging the rating system in any way.

Information for Registering

In order to register on Xoomovies, you must state your full legal name, username, address where you currently reside, the email address that you actively use as well as other information asked of you. The signup form will also ask you to confirm that you are of age or above eighteen years old. All data collected by the site or any other party falls under the privacy policy’s terms. Take special care to remember and keep the password of your account. With the signing up, you become accountable for the work and activity of your personal account. Viruses are strictly forbidden, so sharing them or other programs that may harm someone else or someone else’s device will not be acceptable.

Non-Commercial Use of the Site

Registered members of Xoomovies aren’t allowed to use its features for any commercial purposes. They consist of links to other sites which may or may not be competition to the site. Juridical subjects or entities including firms, organizations, and businesses, but not restricted to those, can’t sign up and take advantage of Xoomovies and its services.

Responsibility Restrictions

We don't offer any guarantees nor presentations connected to the things that are a part of the Program or are sold through it such as no restrictions on usage, fitness guarantees, merchandise, or any other guarantees that appear as a result of the execution, dealing as well as trading. Moreover, we don't present that Xoomovies will operate without any errors or problems, so we won't be held responsible for the trouble the possible interruptions may cause. It's completely up to us to make changes, prohibit access to or shut down the website or some of its parts whenever we want. All the features, options, data and content are presented on a factual basis. While taking part in any action on the site, you understand and accept that you're responsible for everything you do.

Right of Intellectual Property

Hereby you agree that all lawful rights, interests, and brands named in the Intellectual Property Rights, but not restricted to those, are in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Therefore, you admit that you won’t take any such right, interest or brand other than what’s stated here. You won’t indulge in changing, translating, modifying, taking down, adapting, decompiling, inverse engineering, or anyhow attempting to take source coding from the features and other documents and software. You will not produce or try to produce an alternative or service/product alike the one on Xoomovies via the Program or other data connected to it.


You approve of the policy not to share facts or data which you receive from Xoomovies, its users, the clients, marketers. Every piece of information delivered from an end-user client via any Program is the property of Xoomovies. It’s considered as private and shouldn’t be exposed. Publisher approves this and declares to not market, reconstruct, distribute or use this confidential information for commercial purposes or any other purposes.


Unlawful and unapproved usage of the site and its features such as giving links to other websites will be looked into and lawful measures may be implemented. The site, though, encourages the placement of some links or hyperlinks including links in the message and chat sections as well as in the forum, links that don’t get in the way of ads, copyright notifications and similar, links that don’t promote your site. After we notify you that certain links shouldn’t be shared to our site, you should stop doing so. Check the policies of the content owners and providers to see their rules regarding linking to their work that’s displayed on our site.

Non-Assigning Lawful Rights

Your legal rights are yours and belong to you only. As such they cannot be reassigned to other persons. Trying anything similar leads to the ending of this settlement. On the other hand, we may transfer this settlement to anyone without notifying you.


Not being able to execute the functionality of any of the covenants, conditions as well as terms won’t be treated as a waiver or abandonment of the rights or solutions of this site. Any other eventual infringement of the covenants, conditions as well as terms will also not be considered a waiver. They will remain in force and full effect.

Severability Clauses of the Terms and Conditions

If a provision of this Agreement is deemed unlawful or unacceptable pursuant to a legal verdict or decree, the provision in question will pertain as much as the legal reasons allow. In that case, the remaining terms and conditions will still be legitimate as well asenforceable.

The Full Settlement

Our country’s practical laws and rules govern and interpret this Settlement with no conflicts or going against the law. This Settlement underlines and covers the settlement between us, as Xoomovies, and you, superseding everything mentioned above or contemporaneous agreements, assurances, considerations, representations, and understandings with utmost recognition to this website. This includes all the features, options, and services offered by Xoomovies and the main idea of this settlement.

Choice of Rule; Judiciary

If perchance disagreements or differences come up between the two sides related to this Settlement, they are a subject to the courts of law of our country. Any other courts or legal institutions are left out without affecting their rules or the ones that apply to the country you reside in.