FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

The following content is intended to inform you without offering any legal advice.

01. Is watching movies on Xoomovies lawful?

A: Yes, all of Xoomovies’s content is completely lawful and legal as we aren’t the hosts of the videos. We simply provide links which come from legal providers.

02. How can I see the version or resolution of a movie?

A: By moving the cursor to the thumbnail of the movie, you’ll see the resolution/version such as 480p, 720p, 1080p and so on.

03. Can I watch the movie in a different quality?

A: Click on the settings icon and then you’ll see a list of available resolutions. The quality ranges from 360p up to 1080p. There are some movies that come in high definition (HD) and are 720p while others come in standard definition (SD) and are set on 360p.

04. Is there a way for me to watch movies I’m a fan of?

A: Absolutely, just request them from us by completing a form. We’ll take a look at it and then put the movies you suggested on our site.

05. Can I watch with subtitles?

A: Sure, you can turn them on by clicking on the CC icon. With that icon, you can choose between watching the movie with or without subtitles.

06. Broken link – what do I do?

A: If you encounter a broken link, report it and we’ll take care of it. To report a broken link press on the report button which can be found underneath the player. There’s also the option of trying with other servers as we offer plenty of them, so it’s obvious that some may break.

07. Can I download movies?

A: Every video can be downloaded by pressing the download button. You can also download subtitles (if they’re available) from the menu.

08. Is it possible for me to watch movies using VLC Player?

A: First, you have to download the movie. Then, start VLC and go to ‘downloaded by VLC’. You can also add the downloaded subtitle through the menu and choose ‘subtitle’.

09. What is the difference between the movie servers F1 and F2 and OpenLoad?

A: They’re the servers we use. F1 and F2 don’t have any ads and are pretty swift to watch movies on. On the other hand, servers like OpenLoad, for instance, or VideoMega display sponsored advertisements and serve as an alternative. If F1 and F2 are too crowded, you can watch on OpenLoad even though it has ads.

10. Is there a way to contact you?

A: Check out our ‘Contact Us’ page for more details.