Defined by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), Xoomovies is an online service provider offering multiple services among which watching movies.

The website Xoomovies presents a platform where copyright owners can share their content and files. Therefore, we take no part in the reviewing of the content.

Copyright violation is very important to us, so we protect the rights of the owners of the movies and video material. We don’t take responsibility and don’t inspect the content displayed from a third party. We only provide links to other servers and don’t own the content.

In case you own some of the content displayed on Xoomovies and didn’t allow usage of it on third party sites, get in touch with us in written form. We will detect the content in question and act. Be careful to fill in all fields with correct information, so that we can take action accordingly.

With the submitted written notification you must:

- Specifically identify the content you have copyrights on. If there are multiple works that are allegedly infringed, list them precisely.
- Precisely state where the work is located as well as the description which will enable us to find the work in question. Precise URLs should be enclosed.
- Provide details for us to get in touch with the complainant such as name, telephone number, email address, the address of living.
- State that the complainant is positive that the work is used without the owner’s permission.
- Confirm that the given information is correct and relevant.

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